Barbara Robertson (plus art work for sale).

Some of the works for sale, details here……..hens in boat just gone for £33, quite a bargain.


Barbara Robertson was a superb printmaker, sensitive, observant, full of humour and wonderfully skilled, creating technically sophisticated, complex linocuts. She had a marvellous visual imagination and a mischievous wit, beautifully expressed in her exceptional prints. Cats, hens, sheep and other animals make regular appearances in her work; she also portrayed the landscape of the Angus countryside.

Barbara Robertson: Work For Sale.

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Bus Stop, Tunisia. 4/10 signed. Image 6.5 x 5 ins. In Mount. £35. Walking to Mesopotamia Three available – 6/16 9/16 signed and 16/16 unsigned. 16.5 x 6 ins. £40 each/unsigned one £30. Seagull 29/30 signed. 16 x 8 ins. £40.

Large works: Summering 8/18 signed. 15 x 8.25 ins. £45, Over the Moon, signed, two available. 2/18, 3/18. 24 x 13 ins. £40,

Printed on a rag paper. FRAMED. Sheep signed. Image 6.5 x 8.5. £45. Rosie’s’ Sheep signed. 17.5 x 11.5 ins. £35.

LINO-CUTS NOT SIGNED. THE FIRST ONE IS NUMBERED 1/16 ! SIZES RANGE FROM 8.5 INS X 6 INS TO THE FINAL LINO-CUT WHICH IS A MASSIVE 26 X 20 INS. Prices range from £25 to £50. If interested please contact for more information re each print. Graham Bennison




Two large lino-cuts.

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