Back Latch Cottage, Ceres. George Leslie Hunter and William Meldrum.


Red Roof Cottages. George Leslie Hunter.


Back Latch Cottage. William Meldrum.

George Leslie Hunter (7 August 1877 – 7 December 1931) was a Scottish painter, regarded as one of the four artists of the Scottish Colourists group of painters. After the Fist World War, Hunter painted regularly in Fife – Lower Largo and Ceres were favourite places to paint.

The Meldrum family owned land and property in Ceres and with Glasgow artist William Meldrum (1865–1942 ) the two artists rented Back Latch cottage in Ceres owned by Meldrum’s father. Hunter stayed in Ceres in May and November 1920 and also the summer of 1921. The paintings of Latch Cottage show the view from the main road, obscured by foliage now and also the small engineering works building. The cottage now viewed from the east end.


This painting by Graham Bennison from 1998 shows much less change. Close to Latch Cottage is the Old Mill which can be seen in the Hunterian Gallery, University of Glasgow.  The painting on the right is on the reverse of the panel.

Hunter, George Leslie, 1879-1931; Ceres Mill, Fife (recto), Fife Landscape (verso)


The Old Mill today.

The Ceres Burn winds its way to Pitscottie behind Wellwood House on the main road.  A new residence further back is taking shape on the site of one of Hunter’s favourite sites to paint.  With the new building taking over and the pond long gone it would now be difficult to recognise ‘The Old Mill, Fife’.  Hunter produced a number of paintings of this view.

George Leslie HUnter. Old Mill

Below just a few of the many paintings of Ceres by Hunter.

Ceres haystacks George Leslie Hunter

Ceres Haystacks.

George Leslie HUnter. Ceres.


George Leslie HUnter. Ceres..jpg pencil

Unfinished sketch.

George Leslie Hunter. Cottages, Ceres.

Cottages, Ceres.

George Leslie Hunter. Old Man Clipping hedge.

Old Man Clipping Hedge, Ceres.

Old Mill Ceres by Hunter

Another painting of The Old Mill, Ceres.

Graham Bennison.  July 2018.

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