Ceres Art Work

Lino-cut. ‘Ceres.’ Signed and editioned – 50. B/W. Printed on Somerset Velvet Paper. 8 x 6 ins. £20. In mount £23.

Lino-cut. ‘Ceres. the Glebe’. Signed and editioned – 30. One edition is blue/black, the other edition is black. Printed on Somerset Velvet paper. 9 x 7ins. £17. In mount £20.

‘Ceres from the Green’. A 4-layer reduction lino in a limited edition of 16, signed and numbered 1/16 to 16/16. 9 ins x 7ins. A reduction lino means that successive layers are carved from the block. It took a whole week to produce this art. £25 plus p & p if required. Feel free to message with any queries. OFFER £20 to Ceres residents plus p & p if required

Original hand-crafted lino-cut carved from the block. ‘Ceres’ b/w. Open edition. 7 ins x 9 ins. £12 plus p and p if desired.

Bishop’s Brig, Ceres from the side seldom seen. The black and white and colour version both will be available for £12. The b/w is a signed edition of 50. 4 ins x 5.5 ins.
Wood blocks were the earliest form of printing when the Chinese carved their letters into wood around 300 AD. Europe was a little bit behind in establishing printing and illustration as opposed to manuscripts carefully scribed by monks.
I’d forgotten just how hard carving into a wooden block is….it’s hard believe me. The block will. however, last forever just about, you could easily print off Rembrandt’s wood-blocks now.
The third pic is the block being carved, the fourth pic is the block inked up.

This painted sketch was completed back in 1998 or so but has proved popular with folk from Ceres as a print on A4 water-colour printing paper at £7.

This oil painting, owned now by a Ceres resident, is available as a print on A4 quality paper. £10.

Ceres Bishops Brig – the original water-colour. This was the painting that was made into a gift card in the year 2000, 250 copies sold out having been available at the Pottery and the long missed Mill-house Coffee Shop. Prints available £7.

Many thanks to all who supported the Ceres from Pilgrims Way lino-cut, an edition of 30 now sold out. Mind I kept 1/30.

Graham Bennison 01334-656844 07731904559. https://www.facebook.com/BennisonArtist bennyelmwood@yahoo.co.uk

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